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Welcome to Retroverse:
The Ultimate Arcade and Museum

Far angle shot of the inside of an arcade store.
Far angle shot of the inside of an arcade store.
Far angle shot of the inside of an arcade store.

Our Vision

Retroverse: where past meets present in a vibrant celebration of classic computing and gaming.

Our mission: a permanent arcade museum filled with legendary machines from the golden age of technology. Imagine walking into a space where vintage PCs come to life, inviting you to play and develop software just like in the good old days.

What We Offer

Interactive Museum

Explore and play on a variety of classic computers and consoles

Development Hub

A space for enthusiasts to create and share software for vintage machines

Community Events

Join us for workshops, tournaments, and retro-themed gatherings.

Our Roadmap

We need your help to bring Retroverse to life.

Here is a glimpse of our roadmap:

Join Us on this Nostalgic Journey

Stay tuned for updates as we move through our roadmap. 

Together, we can create a space where the magic of retro technology lives on for generations to come.


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Retroverse Partnership Inquiries

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Get Involved

Retroverse is a community-driven project, and we need your support to make it a reality.


We are looking for partners, suppliers, and retro tech enthusiasts to join us in this exciting venture.

If you have a passion for vintage computers and gaming, or if you simply want to be part of something unique, we would love to hear from you.

Follow Our Progress

Stay updated with our latest news and milestones by following our blog and social media channels. We’ll be sharing regular updates on our progress, including sneak peeks of new exhibits, development stories, and upcoming events.

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